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Contact Pembroke Pines Locksmith: Ladies Stay Safe in the following Situations

Ladies Pembroke Pines Locksmith wants to give you the confidence and power to stay safe in the following situations.

Situation A: At Work

The workplace is complicated enough. Dealing with deadlines, the boss and coworkers is stressful enough, but now safety has prompted concern. Pembroke Pines Locksmith believes the best prevention tool is knowledge. The more you know the less stress you will have when dealing with security issues at the workplace.

Women need to take heed and take charge of they’re security. Pembroke Pines Locksmith has always advocated that security be the first priority when it comes to workplace safety, here are some of Pembroke Pines Locksmith’s key tips for on the job safety and security.

Pembroke pines Locksmith

Know where the exits are.
Keep a list of important numbers on hand, like the security desk. Working in a small office lades Pembroke Pines Locksmith’s recommended solution is to have 911 on speed dial and a panic button that you can wear around your neck. Panic buttons are also good even if you work for a big company.
Leave work in groups. Pembroke Pines Locksmith also suggests having security escort you to your car if you work late at night.
Let someone know your schedule, Pembroke Pines Locksmith suggests having your cell on and that you also check in with someone if you are working late.

Situation B: At home

Pembroke pines locksmith

Home is sacred a place where you should feel safe, City] Locksmith’s top tips to ensure that you stay safe at home are as follows.

The first suggestion Pembroke Pines Locksmith has is invest in an alarm and locking system.
Never answer the door unless you know who is on the other side. Pembroke Pines Locksmith wants you to know that it is OK to question. A utilities employee, sales rep and even a police officer should be identifiable. If you are not sure, ladies don’t open the door. Pembroke Pines Locksmith advises that you dial 911 and get help.
Pembroke Pines Locksmith does not advise keeping a loaded weapon nearby. If your home is broken into a criminal can use your weapon against you. Pembroke Pines Locksmith advocates caution where weapons are concerned and suggests contacting legal professionals to discuss use of firearms in the home.
Have emergency numbers handy, on your speed dial 911 should be the first preset.
Pembroke Pines Locksmith absolutely agrees that the best step to protecting yourself is to be trained in self defense. The skills you learn could save your life. You may also want to consider having a panic button for added protection.

Situation C: On the Road

Driving from point A to B is hectic enough, ensuring that your safe ladies now that is important.

Pembroke Pines Locksmith supports law enforcement you should always stop for the police. However Pembroke Pines Locksmith is aware that there have been instances of people pretending to be police. So if you are not so sure that the person is a real officer take precautions. Pembroke Pines Locksmith suggests that you stop in a well lit and open area and also in an area where there are people around. If you are not sure that the stop is a proper traffic stop again Pembroke Pines Locksmith suggests that you call 911 and verify that the police are in the area.
Police or other persons who approach your car may want you to roll down your window. Pembroke Pines Locksmith advises never roll it down completely for a stranger and for a police officer do it only once you are sure that the person is a real officer. Pembroke Pines Locksmith does recommend lowering the window so that your hand can fit through it and your voice can be heard.
Do not under any circumstances pick up hitch hikers.
Pembroke Pines Locksmith also advises against having a concealed weapon in your car. In most states this is against the law and is a felony crime.
At a shopping mall do a quick check to see that your car has not been broken into before you open the door. If you think something is amiss go back into the mall and ask security to come and check the vehicle with you. Pembroke Pines Locksmith has heard about cases where a car jacking has happened once a person has gotten into they’re car. Though this is less likely with electronic locks, it still can happen. Pembroke Pines Locksmith is not opposed to you erring on the side of caution ladies. If you are leaving he mall late at night consider having security escort you to the car.

Situation D: Out of town

Ladies hotels are not immune to criminal activity. So here are a couple of tips from Pembroke Pines Locksmith to keep you safe while you are out of town for business or pleasure.

Pembroke Pines Locksmith suggests a trip plan be laid out. Keep key people in the loop, let them know where you are staying and what you will be doing while away.
Pembroke Pines Locksmith suggests that women wear a wedding band even if you are not married. Also when you get to the hotel mention that your husband will be joining you, even if you have no hubby.
Check the room before entering, Pembroke Pines Locksmith suggests that you ask a staff member from the hotel do this with you.
As an added precaution you may also want to let the front desk know where you will be during your time outside of the hotel. Pembroke Pines Locksmith suggests that you give family friends and the hotel desk staff contact numbers for you. If you are going to a foreign country check in with the U.S.. embassy or consulate upon arrival.
Never go off on your own in a strange city unless you are a well traveled person. In fact Pembroke Pines Locksmith reminds you that it is wiser to stay within a group of people on a specified tour. Pembroke Pines Locksmith also recommends never leaving a drink or for that matter food unattended while at a restaurant. This is a good tip whether you are traveling abroad across the U.S. or going out on the town.

Pembroke Pines Locksmith

Pembroke Pines Locksmith

At home, at work, out of town or while you are driving around town, Pembroke Pines Locksmith recommends being prepared for every possible situation. Pembroke Pines Locksmith advises a consultation with a locksmith to determine the best safety system with respect to home locks and car locking systems. Pembroke Pines Locksmith always recommends the best of the best when it comes to locksmith’s. One of the very best in the business is Pembroke Pines Locksmith’s. For xx years Pembroke Pines Locksmith’s has been serving xx and surrounding areas. For a free no obligation quote contact Pembroke Pines Locksmith’s at 555 555 5555.